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sreda, 27. april 2011

Mon Coin à Moua 1000+ followers Giveaway

I have to blog about this, cause it's a really big one! There are 100 items waiting to be won by 7 winners! Participate in this giveaway NOW, since it ends on 30.04.2011.

There will be 7 winners and no pre-determined prize.
The first place winner will get to choose 25 items of the 100.
The second place winner will get to choose 20 items out of the 75 that will be left after the first place winner has made her choice.
The third place winner will get to choose 15 items out of the 55 that will be left.
The fourth, fifth and sixth place winners will get to choose 10 items each out of the rest and the seventh place winner will get what's left.

Some pictures of the 100 items:

Check all the prizes and partcipate here !
Don't miss it.. you've got 3 days left.

ponedeljek, 25. april 2011

Shoes I love ( SS 2011): Part 1

I've gone through many collections of shoes for SS 2011, and now I wanna show you the ones I really like! Some of them wouldn't be my first choise, but they are interesting so I wanna show them too :)


 1. Donna Karan (love, love, love them)

2. Gucci (hoooottttttttttt)

3. Brian Atwood (love the color)

4. Christian Dior 

5.  D&G (love the flowers)

6.  Donna Karan (OMG...just breathe)

7.  Manolo Blahnik

8. Giuseppe Zanotti

9.  Christian Dior

10.  Louis Vuitton

 11.  Christian Louboutin

12. Christian Louboutin

So, girls.. which shoes would you die for? ;) 
I would have to say.... number 1 & 6 .. 
I really love Donna Karan and her collection this year!

5 year old make up guru!

I have to share this with you, cause she's too cute not to be seen :) This is Madison, a 5 year old girl who has watched too many make up videos with her mom. So she decided to try it herself, LOL. 

I am happy that her mother doesn't let her really put the make up on. So she just talks and shows her mother's stuff. But in a very funny and cute way. Check it out :)

(I have to post links to youtube, cause I can't share them here. Don't know why..)

This is her first video.. "I really love this, you should try it" :) 

"This is really dark, i don't really use it".. LOOOL!

What's in my purse

And this one is too funny :) She comes in her little kid's car and says "Sorry I'm late. The traffic was terrible".. LOL 

And this one I can actually share, so..for those of you who are lazy to click on the links, watch this where Madison talks about IviScents Bath Bombs.


She's awesome :))))

nedelja, 24. april 2011

Beyonce for Harper's Bazaar

She was in Paris yesterday, doing a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar at the Ritz hotel. 

Paparazzi took photos of her while she was posing on the balcony.

I don't like her hair. I think it's too blond for her skin. But I love the dress... It's soooo pretty :)))

It's from the Gucci Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear show, modeled by Natasha Poly. 

Can't wait to see the final product <3

Karina Smirnoff in Playboy

She is a Ukrainian American professional ballroom dancer. Only 33 years old and already a five-time U.S. National Champion.

She is best know for appearing on Dancing with the Stars with such celebrities as Mario Lopez and Aaron Carter. She is competing in season 12 with "The Karate Kid" actor Ralph Macchio.

This month she poses in a revealing piece of clothing on the cover of the new Playboy and inside she takes everything off.

As a dancer I’ve always embraced my body. I’m thrilled to show off my strong, toned physique in the pages of Playboy and celebrate my sexiness,” Smirnoff told the magazine. 

To me, sexy is the confident energy a person produces. Sexy is the comfortable feeling of being who you are. Sexy is not just having beautiful lips, legs and arms; it’s beyond that. Sexy is soul.”

What do you think? I love her is so can definitely see that she's a dancer. But I don't like her face on all of these pictures. I think it is too retouched on some of them. She is naturally beautiful, she  doesn't need so much retouching.

Rest of the pics (I hope I don't get in trouble for posting them without stars over her intimate parts )

petek, 22. april 2011

sreda, 20. april 2011

It's Britney, bitch!

So I'm writing this to present the new album from Britney Spears which is really cool, because it has a dance vibe to it. This songs are sure going to be summer hits all over the world.

But this is mainly for Sanja (follow her here ), who isn't familiar with any of the new Britney songs. Shame on you, Sanja :)

This is Britney's 7th album ("Femme Fatale") and it was released on March 25, 2011.

1. "Hold it against me" was released as the lead single from the album, peaking atop of the charts in seven countries, including the United States and Canada.

2. The album's second single, "Till the World Ends", premiered on March 4, 2011 on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and was released the same day.
(Sanja, this is the one I was talking about.. I can't get it out of my head)


And the rest of the songs from the album (which are yet to come)

3. Inside Out ( click to listen )
4. I Wanna Go ( click to listen )
5. How I Roll ( click to listen )
6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful, feat. Sabi ( click to listen )
7. Seal It With A Kiss ( click to listen )
8. Big Fat Bass, feat. Will I Am ( click to listen )
9.  Trouble For Me ( click to listen )
10. Trip To Your Heart ( click to listen )
11. Gasoline ( click to listen )
12. Criminal ( click to listen )

I hope you like it!

ponedeljek, 18. april 2011

Jennifer Lopez named the most beatiful by People magazine!

People magazine has named Jennifer Lopez  the world’s most beautiful woman of 2011.

..Oh, and sure I agree! I've loved her since I first saw her in film "Selena", and that was years and years ago. She is beautiful, bubbly, funny and charismatic. She is the mix of the girl next door and a sex bomb. 

Can you believe she is 41 years old?

Jennifer Lopez Top Ten Accomplishments:

1 - Jennifer Lopez became the first Latina actress to get paid $1 million or more for one film

2 - By 2003, she had become the highest-paid Latina actress in Hollywood. She still holds the record, earning $15,000,000 for her performance in Monster In Law (2005).

3 - She is the first actress and singer to have a movie (The Wedding Planner) and an album (JLo) at #1 in the same week.

4 - History was made in 2001 with Lopez's fragrance "Glow". The perfume held the number one spot in nine countries for over four months.

5 - She still remains the only female to hold the top spot two times in the "Sexiest Female In The world" list.

6 - She entered the 2004 Fortune List of under 40 year old wealthy entertainers. She has an estimated $275 million fortune.

7 - She has sold nearly 50 million records worldwide.

8 - She has 5 #1 hits in the U.S.

9 - She is one of the top 10 highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

10 - In 2004, her Clothing and Fragrance lines combined, brought in over $US 550,000,000.