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sreda, 27. april 2011

Mon Coin à Moua 1000+ followers Giveaway

I have to blog about this, cause it's a really big one! There are 100 items waiting to be won by 7 winners! Participate in this giveaway NOW, since it ends on 30.04.2011.

There will be 7 winners and no pre-determined prize.
The first place winner will get to choose 25 items of the 100.
The second place winner will get to choose 20 items out of the 75 that will be left after the first place winner has made her choice.
The third place winner will get to choose 15 items out of the 55 that will be left.
The fourth, fifth and sixth place winners will get to choose 10 items each out of the rest and the seventh place winner will get what's left.

Some pictures of the 100 items:

Check all the prizes and partcipate here !
Don't miss it.. you've got 3 days left.


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