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četrtek, 26. januar 2012

Shoes: Balenciaga SS 2012

A big hello to everyone after a long time..

The reason I am back is because there are new collections of shoes to present. I am gonna start of with Balenciaga.. they decided to go with edgy shoes, the ones you wear to make a statement. They used futuristic shapes and animal prints for this collection and made some geometrical abstract heels.

They are pretty interesting to see, however, I must say that most of them I wouldn't wear ( I like number 5 the most!) :)

What about you? ;)






6. + 7.








sobota, 07. maj 2011

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2011-2012

This is a new fall/winter collection brought to you by Louboutin. It is filled with fur, buckles, studs and suede. Are you impressed or not? I am definitely.... NOT! 

The spring/summer collection for this year was wonderful, but what the heck is this?! I find these shoes funny and unflattering. 

1. Fifi: leopard sequin pump

2. Alex: lion paw pump ( wtf???? )

3. Supervic (really, nothing special..maybe the bright one is better)


4. Blue suede boot (this one I actually like, but again..nothing special)

5.  Lady Fur: lady peep slingback with fur ( it would have been great wthout the fur..less is more)

6. Tootsie Booty: laser cut boot with snakeskin, studs and fur ( I think I just puked in my mouth a little)

7. Halte: patent pump with ankle strap (boring)

8. Pigalle: black spiked pump ( I like this pair- I have seen them on Rihanna )

9. Trotitella: Platform pump (nope..)

10.  Marisa: platform pump (weird..)

11. Puck: platform fur boot (even weirder)

12. Purple suede fringe boot ( I like!! )

13. Stud and buckle boot ( uhh..I don't know, maybe? )

14. Splash fur: fur embelished platform slingback ( the fur is so unneccesary)

 What's your opinion? 

I definitely expected more from Louboutin,  I feel like this collection is an experiment gone wrong.  In the future they should stick to what they do best: classic, elegant, chic, womenly shoes! 

If I have to choose, I like: 4, 5, 8, 12.

torek, 03. maj 2011

Shoes I love ( SS 2011): Part 2

I've already shown you some of my favourite shoes from spring/summer 2011 designer collections here. And now it's time to continue, cause I've got plenty more :)

1. Alejandro Ingelmo ( very cute.. I love the color )

2. Cesare Paciotti ( I'm in loveeeeeeeee )

3. Giuseppe Zanotti  ( interesting heel ) 

4.  Lanvin ( so cute, I love the baby pink color )

5.  Office ( very nice; sorry for the bad quality picture )

6. Christian Louboutin ( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...♥♥ )

 7.  Barbara Bui ( pinkish.. ♥♥ I love the shape)

8.  Ana Locking ( different, but interesting. Look at the heel )

9.  Lanvin (cute)

10.  Gianmarco Lorenzo ( craaaazy in love with them ♥♥♥ )

11. Alberto Guardiani ( again.. i love the shape)

12. Casadei ( what can I say..princess shoes )

I adore shoes ♥ I think beautiful shoes make women look sexy... 
So, I have the same question as the last time: which shoes would you die for?

My answer: 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 12 :)))

sreda, 27. april 2011

Mon Coin à Moua 1000+ followers Giveaway

I have to blog about this, cause it's a really big one! There are 100 items waiting to be won by 7 winners! Participate in this giveaway NOW, since it ends on 30.04.2011.

There will be 7 winners and no pre-determined prize.
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The third place winner will get to choose 15 items out of the 55 that will be left.
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Some pictures of the 100 items:

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ponedeljek, 25. april 2011

Shoes I love ( SS 2011): Part 1

I've gone through many collections of shoes for SS 2011, and now I wanna show you the ones I really like! Some of them wouldn't be my first choise, but they are interesting so I wanna show them too :)


 1. Donna Karan (love, love, love them)

2. Gucci (hoooottttttttttt)

3. Brian Atwood (love the color)

4. Christian Dior 

5.  D&G (love the flowers)

6.  Donna Karan (OMG...just breathe)

7.  Manolo Blahnik

8. Giuseppe Zanotti

9.  Christian Dior

10.  Louis Vuitton

 11.  Christian Louboutin

12. Christian Louboutin

So, girls.. which shoes would you die for? ;) 
I would have to say.... number 1 & 6 .. 
I really love Donna Karan and her collection this year!