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sobota, 07. maj 2011

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2011-2012

This is a new fall/winter collection brought to you by Louboutin. It is filled with fur, buckles, studs and suede. Are you impressed or not? I am definitely.... NOT! 

The spring/summer collection for this year was wonderful, but what the heck is this?! I find these shoes funny and unflattering. 

1. Fifi: leopard sequin pump

2. Alex: lion paw pump ( wtf???? )

3. Supervic (really, nothing special..maybe the bright one is better)


4. Blue suede boot (this one I actually like, but again..nothing special)

5.  Lady Fur: lady peep slingback with fur ( it would have been great wthout the fur..less is more)

6. Tootsie Booty: laser cut boot with snakeskin, studs and fur ( I think I just puked in my mouth a little)

7. Halte: patent pump with ankle strap (boring)

8. Pigalle: black spiked pump ( I like this pair- I have seen them on Rihanna )

9. Trotitella: Platform pump (nope..)

10.  Marisa: platform pump (weird..)

11. Puck: platform fur boot (even weirder)

12. Purple suede fringe boot ( I like!! )

13. Stud and buckle boot ( uhh..I don't know, maybe? )

14. Splash fur: fur embelished platform slingback ( the fur is so unneccesary)

 What's your opinion? 

I definitely expected more from Louboutin,  I feel like this collection is an experiment gone wrong.  In the future they should stick to what they do best: classic, elegant, chic, womenly shoes! 

If I have to choose, I like: 4, 5, 8, 12.


nail crazy pravi ...

e da, baš me zanima bi ko nosija broj 2 ili 11... ja ni u ludilu :-p

Sunny pravi ...

možda za maškare, haha :)

Látika pravi ...

i like number 12, without doubt!


Stasha pravi ...

najbolj so mi všeč čevlji št. 4,7 in (pogojno) 10... pač louboutin <3

SILVIA pravi ...

honey!!!!love your blog!
awesome post

mmmBop pravi ...

Oh, Loubortinke. Upam, da si jih bom kdaj privoščila...

sarah pravi ...

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ANIA POLANEC pravi ...

Number 8 are my fav!! Great!!

Anonimni pravi ...

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